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Monsters Unleashed #11 - Frank Brunner cover

Monsters Unleashed 11 The Exorcist Horror Comic VF+ 1975 Brunner art

Shock SuspenStories

For sale shock suspenstories 6 december 1952 january 1953 ec comics wally wood klan bondage cover artwork graham ingels joe orlando jack kamen precode horror silver age emorys memories.

Toychest Time Machine: Remembering Kenner’s ‘Snare Arm Swamp Thing’ (1990)

Toychest Time Machine: Remembering Kenner’s ‘Snare Arm Swamp Thing’

House of Secrets #93 - Lonely In Death! (Issue)

Dc - Approved By The Comics Code Authority - Escape - Lonely In Death - Witchs Son - Bernie Wrightson

Dee-deedle dumpling, went to her grave with one shoe...we interrupt this pin for this bulletin: This title now has "Baron Weirwulf" in the name, probably to remind the readers that the comics have a horror host. We now resume our regularly scheduled pin: Early work from Mike Zeck; just another tricky day for Frank Bolle. Igor: Editor George Wildman.

Wolf - Man - Woman - Moon - Fight Classic Horror was Charltons speciality.

Swamp Thing vol.1 # 15, "The Soul-Spell of Father Bliss" (April, 1975). Cover by Nestor Redondo.

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! It's Swamp Thing vs. the reverse-Exorcist! From Swamp Thing (December here are David Michelinie a.

The Haunt of Fear 15

For the rest of this month, on odd days, I'll be posting some great Halloween or scary comic book covers. Haunt of Fear is one of my favorite EC