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One of my favorite animals.

i want a goat so bad. everyone in my house thinks im crazy. but i would do anything for a girl pygmy goat kid.

It's a beautiful world!

These chickens are being nice. My chickens are banned from the daffodil garden because they eat the flowers and try to dig up the bulbs. Rooster w Daffodils

Meet Millie, the mountain climbing cat. I love this. What an awesome pet!!!

Meet Millie, the mountain climbing cat. What an awesome pet! I always knew I'd be an awesome cat

I chose to pin this picture because I know for a fact that children and adults alike love animals.  Plus, caring for an animal could teach the children about responsibility.  Having a class pet to hold or play with could be therapeutic for the children as well.  Of course, rules would be set in place such as treating the class pet with tender, love and care.  I myself have always been quite the animal lover and would feel like my environment would be incomplete without a classroom pet…

A guinea pig with a gingham bow - how cute is the is? Animals with bows is always a treat to see!

Nothing cuter than a baby piggy

cute adorable wow pigs baby animals small piglets teacup pig micro pig teacup pigs i hate tagging stuff so very cute

Animals on planet Earth enjoy a unique position on its ecological cycle and if not for them Mankind would also not be able to survive. Comprising more than two million species they bring color and beauty with some of them not very pleasant to the eye but they all profess a distinctive flavor which enables them all to share the world with us. Animals that start with e, animals with e, animals beginning with e, amazing animals start with e, Amazing animals, beautiful animals with e, awesome…

15 Amazing Animals that Start with the Letter E


Some day I will own a farm with miniature animals. Horses, pigs, cows & now a donkey! Yes I will!

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A happy bunneh from a group of photos of happy animals. A happy bunneh from a group of photos of happy animals. A happy bunneh from a group of photos of happy animals.