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I love pitbulls

Pitbulls Lovers's photo: Like father like son. Only bad homes

A very unlikely friendship

A very unlikely friendship

Who knew my dog liked lions? A very unlikely friendship // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Baby skunk

Is this a baby spotted skunk? He's got some funny stripes. Maybe he's the Lady Gaga of the skunk world.

This will be me one day by Aubrey Miller

This will be me one day by Aubrey Miller


The Dog Artist - Rescued from an animal shelter, Arbor's paintings raise money for animal charities.

Ya, that's pretty big.

The 25 Most Important Wombats Of All Time

Funny pictures about Oldest and biggest wombat on earth. Oh, and cool pics about Oldest and biggest wombat on earth. Also, Oldest and biggest wombat on earth.

Unlikely animal friendships

Squirrel and Cat Best Friends cute animals cat cats adorable animal kittens pets kitten squirrel funny animals

Possum as a totem can teach us that sometimes it is better to hide our strengths and not to fight, but to divert attention and stay out of the conflict. Possum people are often underestimated, but in truth are alive with hidden depths and talents.

HELP STOP the "Possum Drop": Annual HILLBILLY Celebration Masquerades Animal Abuse as Entertainment! exempts the annual Possum Drop from the state's existing animal cruelty laws- all for a few hours of entertainment. PLZ Sign and Share!


I want a cat so that I can change him into pikachu (pika pika chu) pokemon


Baby black-footed ferrets - 10 success stories of once highly endangered animals.