Damn Louis

Louis ur going to be the death of me

This is so me, you can bet on it.

Whomever made this needs a medal combined my two favourite things one direction and high school musical and not forgetting zac efron


there needs to be more shirtless louis pics. I'm ok with dying every time<< I prefer Harry and Zayn shirtless more tho

Sleep 'til your hungry Eat 'til you sleep

sleep till you're hungry. eat till you sleep.

Похожее изображение

I literally can't even handle this right now

ROUND 1!!! Louis shows all the bleeps he gives… | Community Post: Benedict Cumberbatch VS Louis Tomlinson (SASS MATCH)

Benedict Cumberbatch VS Louis Tomlinson (SASS MATCH)

You can see the sass radiating off of Louis.

Louis signing autographs at the 'This Is Us' Premiere <3

Louis Tomlinson One Direction iPhone old pic gif. shopping futbol black and white moment memories tour

~ londonair ~

harry and louis so would have kissed if louis didnt fall<<god damnit Larry ships

Louis:: I walk in the party with Sammie by my side. I walk around for a bit with Sammie next to me. I soon watch her go with a few friends and look to my left, seeing you standing next to me.

T on

Louis so sweet adorable.

Louis Tomlinson | OTRA Cardiff 6.5.15 | @emrosefeld | ***follow my OTRA tour board for more HQ edits like this + gifs and videos*** |

he looks like a baby lion.

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan


Louis & Niall singing "Story of My Life" as part of at the AMA's.

Louis Tomlinson. Every guy looks good in soccer shorts, but Louis Tomlinson seems to make them look better.

Same number as my boy.no wonder Louis is my favorite!

✧ • even in the dust we shine • ✧

Okay louis you need to stop being so cute I mean look at this I died watching it

Such a beautiful person

Such a beautiful creature

How can I breath again!?>>>my friends hate this look!!! And they were hating on Louis and I went off on them!

The fringe has returned

Hey, you. Can you help me get to 800??? I'm 9 away! I will do shoutout for shoutout!

Oh god plz kill me at once.