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Egyptian Coke Can - 2007

Egyptian Coke can from 2007 with an old-fashioned pull-tab

OLD Mini-Can Coca-Cola Cigarette Lighter 1970's

OLD Mini-Can Coca-Cola Cigarette Lighter 1970's

Crystal Pet Carnival every time I see little plastic animal like this I can't help but think of Pharaohs ice cream parlor

called them pony tail holders...went thru a ton of them

Glitter Ball Hair Ties, I remember the side pony tails my mom used to put in my hair with these

puffy stickers in albums- Oh wow, this is another one that brings back a lot of memories.  Now I am sad!

former pinner said: sticker albums. i loved collecting stickers as a kid. who didn't in the there were so many fun ones.puffy stickers, googly-eyes, scratch n' sniff, a plethora of rainbowed options

cracker jack surprise toy package - with a real toy in it. Not a paper thing of some kind. A TOY!

Avon Lipstick Samples-I also had the tiny glass Avon Perfume Samples. I dropped one in the locker room & stunk everyone out because it was so strong! - MCBL

I remember these avon lipstick samples! My mom sold Avon when I was young.she had these little lipsticks in her samples.

:) had these...loved them. ❤

I had this and loved my Raggedy Ann doll house. Lots of fun moving things around the house.


School Chocolate Milk - forgot about this, seems I remember it was only available on Friday's as a treat. I think we paid 5 cents a carton.

Coke and a "Churchkey" • "It's called a churchkey for several reasons. The original openers used on bottles (before beer cans existed) looked similar to large, old-fashioned keys used by monks to open the church, as well as keep the precious beer they brewed safe. The name was then adopted to all tools used to open beer–with an ironic twist–for it is said if you used a churchkey opener (i.e. if you drank beer) you would be less likely to open the door of a church to attend…

DOES NOT COMPUTE! Thank goodness I at least grew up in the modern day of *Coca-Cola in glass bottles… *now Coca-Cola Classic

Best way to buy a cold soda

Best way to buy a cold soda