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AK | My own IG | seripiavani

AK | My own IG | seripiavani

utterly intoxicating

It was easy to tell that they were drunk but not of alcohol but off of each other the way they laughed the way they sneaked glances yet from far away you could tell they were utterly intoxicated with each other

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So true! Once I applied this to my life I found pain was eased and I was able to let go of control of situations.

it's important to be aware of the realities of others

Just consider how your actions affect and are perceived by other people. But remember there are other people in your life who you impact.

❤️☀️Understand your purpose and honor it - this is why you created the world you live in- some things are bad but most are good - Know you !!

To believe I am enough. I tried hard enough. I am good enough. I am not perfect, but I am worth loving, committing to, respecting and partnering with - just as I am right here today.I am enough.

I have a whole heart and memory of the most beautiful moments imaginable with my daughter Ashlie Terry Peace and Love!

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Solitude is bliss by Tame Impala | my own IG | seripiavani

Solitude is bliss by Tame Impala