Velo Towers by Asymptote - Dezeen Good.

Velo Towers by Asymptote - Dezeen Good.


New Futuristic Destination Life style Center for Kunming Envisioned by Woods Bagot

Housing towers in Nantes by Hamonic + Masson -- Masson was my teacher this year, he's a better architect than a teacher

Housing Units in Nantes Winning Proposal / Hamonic + Masson

Sledding path to loop around roof garden of Beijing civic centre by Andrew Bromberg

China World Trade Center by Andrew Bromberg of Aedas, Chaoyan, China

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☀Mecenatpolis, a nearly square-meter mixed-use, transit-oriented project in the evolving Hapjeong neighborhood in downtown Seoul, is the latest Jerde Place to open in Asia.

The project questions the possibility of coexistence between a high-rise building and a horizontal city.

Warp skyscraper questions the possibility of coexistence between a high-rise building and a horizontal city. Talking about sustainable architecture, this one hits the mark.


SAN specializes in portraying unbuilt architecture. The name of SAN represents the principle of our work: SPACE, ART and NATURE.


French architect Jacques Rougerie has designed a cross between a skyscraper and a boat for exploring the unchartered territories of the earth’s oceans. Named SeaOrbiter, the vessel is meant to accommodate a team of researchers, who will be able to s

Новые машины для жилья :: Архплатформа

New York based architecture firm of Asymptote Architecture has challenged our imagination by their latest work of Velo Towers in Yongsan In.

El mega-edificio sustentable que se pretende construir tendrá hoteles, residencias, centros comerciales, centros de convenciones, cines y un restaurante submarino. La plataforma se encargará de proveer de agua bebible y energía tanto a sí misma como a la ciudad en general.   #Arquitectura #Sustentable #Mexico

The Grand Cancun Luxury Eco-Hotel is a groundbreaking design concept by Architect Richard Moreta Castillo. The design shows the hotel is very eco friendly .

Underground ecological city in abandoned mine The Russian architect agency plans to build an underground ecological city in an abandoned mine in Siberia. Underground cities might be the cities of the future especially in colder areas.