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Rottweiler puppies are just terrifying… cute puppy face look awesome

All tucked in

If I could wake up next to this every day I don't think I could ever have a bad day. We are getting a new golden retriever puppy on Thursday and I can't wait to wake up to this!

Someones sleepy!

Words: SLEEPY, PUPPY ex. "I have a golden retriever puppy, and I bought her this bed when I first got her.

Such a beautiful dog deserves a German Shepherd name that reflects such beauty. Like these... http://www.dog-names-and-more.com/German-Shepherd-Names.html

German Shepherd Names: Male & Female GSD Names

A German Shepherd’s life is very short when compared to a human’s lifespan. While humans can live for more than 100 years, German Shepherds may only live for years.

#German #Shepherd #Dog

Beautiful German Shepherd My aunt has had 3 German Shepherds and you cannot help but fall in love with them. Absolutely would love to adopt a german shepherd when I get out of college

Jimmy just wants some cake day love <3

black labrador in a leash. I think I'm obsessed with black lab puppies. We'll that explains this board because it is mostly black labs.

cute-cute-cute...... :)

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