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masterseverussnape: “(via The Headmaster by Vulkanette (400×548)) ”

Coloured pencils on black paper, I hope you like it The original is for sale. My Home is my Castle

Master Severus Snape : Photo

severus-snape-my-eternal-prince: “marikagrig: “ My portrait of Severus Snape / Alan Rickman ” Absolutely gorgeous!

Severus Snape, Half Blood, Drawing Art, Harry Potter, Prince

Professor Severus Snape by SilentKW on DeviantArt

Alright, so I started to draw this right after I finished DHs, but I had a hard time finishing it 'cuz I kept starting to cry.

Denial by SarahSilva on DeviantArt

severus-snape-my-eternal-prince: “Artwork by SarahSilva The Prince’s beauty!

A Hint of a Smile by Shinixter on DeviantArt

** } This was originally posted on my old dA (DrTBrennan), which I deactivated. I love Alan Rickman, and I love him as Severus Snape. A Hint of a Smile

Snape: For the Children by SarahSilva on DeviantArt

A message from Severus Snape. This one really is for the kids Snape: For the Children

Severus Snape by rajafdama.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Severus Snape by rajafdama

severus-snape-my-eternal-prince:  Alan Rickman - Severus Snape by DeolaS Wow!

severus-snape-my-eternal-prince: Alan Rickman - Severus Snape by DeolaS Wow!