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I'm gonna go take a hot shower. It's like a normal shower, but with me in it.

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I will totally judge you based on your choice of breakfast cereal you unfrosted weirdo.

Laughtose... should be a word...

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I`m the type of girl who drinks frappichinos in the middle of winter when it`s 28* durring a blizzard.

i'm the kind of teenager who drinks hot chocolate in the summer, and eats icecream in the winter. Haha I am not even a teen and I still do this :)

for my ex boss.

When someone praises me…

When someone praises me…

Funny pictures about When someone praises me. Oh, and cool pics about When someone praises me. Also, When someone praises me.

:-P so true

However, I still ring doorbells. I text to say I'm on my way but then I still ring the doorbell or knock.