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A tall glass of I don't give a fuck. How about a tall glass of I don't give a ?

...the reason I have no friends...lol

Funny Confession Ecard: Im not anti-social. I just have a strong aversion to B., drama, and pretending. makes-me-laugh-quotes

what drunk disney princess are you? seriously, take the time to read this. it's fabulous.

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

It's awful I found this so funny! cinderella bitch be drunk as hell losin' losing shoes and shit

Verbal release therapy

Some call it bitching. I call it Verbal Release Therapy. It's all about perspective, lol!

Liz Taylor

funny pictures history - Im not the girl your mom warned you about; her imagination was never this good.

The oh shit not you again doormat is perfect for that nosey neighbor or annoying friend… (more…)    $24.99    via amazon.com  - http://shutupandtakemymoney.com/  Take My Money!

Doormats That Think They're Hilarious

Reminds Me Of Something An Old Coworker Would Say! @Shandra Lee Greenwood @Jolene Klassen Miller

Free and Funny News Ecard: Daaamn girl. Are you a fire detector? 'Cause you are really fucking loud and annoying.


if your ever in need of a laugh, watch stuart from MAD TV! lol if your ever in need of a laugh, watch stuart from MAD TV! lol if your ever in need of a laugh, watch stuart from MAD TV!

;) ;)

How to Use Pinterest To Get Your Blog Noticed

A list of funny quotes, sayings, and signs to bring a smile to your day

just sayin...

My experience with "customer service" every time.There should be a law requiring insurance companies to answer the phone this way.

Must remember to be the bigger person! Her foolishness causes my reaction and I am classier than that!

I do this a lot at work. :) I do this a lot at work. :) I do this a lot at work.

the great outdoors.

I'm outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios! Lol -- if patios said PORCHES this would be perfect for the BU Music dept! Porch parties -- I miss them!

true for the workplace too!

Bluntcards - Bluntcard makes cards that are pretty hilarious, taking everyone’s personal thoughts and placing them on a classy backdrop. Bluntcard i.

No Soliciting

No Soliciting sign. Soooo need to make this. Our sign that says "no soliciting" clearly isn't enough because people knock on the door daily.

Omg, I think this all the time! Lol!

Funny Confession Ecard: next time someone tells me to expect the unexpected I'm going to punch them in the face & ask if they expected that.