Explore One Day, Alaskan Northern Lights, and more!

Aurora Boreal -

Impresionantes fotos de la aurora boreal

beautiful beyond words in pictures, only can I imagine what it would be like for real (Favorite List Awesome)

Aurora Borealis Seen From Bear Lake Alaska

Amazing Places you Should Visit in Your Life, Part 2 - Aurora Borealis, Bear Lake, Alaska. - on my list!

In a decade or so I would love all of this

"you be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground + i'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds." To dream.

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No thanks! -- Stunning but I already live close enough to the Arctic Circle for my liking!

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change someone's life

my life goal right here. but let me add "change someones life for the better"

I lived out there so I've been several times.Now I want to take my children!

Go on an African safari + see the "big (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino)

I did the walk behind the falls in niagara but it doesn't really count since ur in a tube behind a railing

Walk Behind a Waterfall

Frozen Minnehaha Falls (in MN) went there while I was in Minnesota n it was so pretty. it's even better frozen.

Heavens Trail

This is another traveling vacation I would like to see and explore. It looks really pretty to me and I want to use this memory for me to store in my memory box. I just love traveling to beautiful places.

I've seen a shotting star before but never a meteor shower

me: i always wanted to see a meteor shower :) - parents: the meteor shower last night was amazing! me: *screams at everything*