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WHAT WE LIKE: Even though the face of this woman is covered, from the symbols in the photo, we can guess the situation and her emotion. Also her eyes alone communicate what she is feeling. WHERE WE COULD USE THIS: For team hug or huddle photos, EVEN if we get a backside. By identifying elements in the photo that may give clues about the subject and mood, we can use photos that don't have to be extremely straightforward. ~Annie Lu

Preparando tu cumpleaños…

This is my collection of pictures that inspire me. Beautiful people, interiors and moments. In short pictures that caught my eye and my heart. I don't own these pictures, I just love them and want.

Such a cute way to set up the pose and the choice to focus on her in the background is brilliant! :)

Is He Your Mr Right Or Mr Right Now?

Ideias para fotos de casal

Ideias para fotos de casal/noivado

BİR KADIN ÇOCUKTUR ASLINDA... Bir kadın çocuktur aslında.. Çocuk gibi davranmayı sever. Erkeğin kendisine bir çocuğa gösterdiği şefkati göstermesini de ister. Bir çocuğu okşar gibi incitmekten korkarak okşamalıdır erkek kadını Ama her kadın çocukça da olsa dinlenilmesini, dikkate alınmasını ister. Yani bir kadının çocukluk yapmasına izin vereceksiniz, ama asla onu bir çocuk olarak görmeyeceksiniz. Bir kadın güçlüdür aslında. Hatta erkeklerden çok daha güçlüdür. Ama bu gücünü her zaman ortaya…

Beautiful perspective - I really love the crook of my Tracy neck is one of my favorite spots. Burying my face there, smelling his sweet, natural smell.

Cute carousel engagement shot. Photography: Ashley Goodwin Photography - ashleygoodwinphotography.com  Read More: http://www.60.34/2014/04/11/kate-spade-inspired-carnival-engagement-wiup/

Kate Spade Inspired Carnival Engagement + WIUP

It's what happens when two Honolulu cuties hit up the local carnival with Kate Spade-inspired looks from head t.

Photographer’s Wedding Day Checklist | Two Blooms-Lightroom Presets & Marketing Tools for Photographers

Photographer's Wedding Day Checklist

Photographer's Wedding Day Checklist - Two Blooms-Lightroom Presets Marketing Tools for Photographers