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You asked for him, and here he is! Again, the pizza is because he was killed in a pizzeria... ok, that pizza is creepy...

It's still a Springtrap, just another interpretation. This one from Bon-Bon pizzeria AU. Where Spring was working in another pizzeria and never was used.

Undyne and Papyrus  Undertale

Undyne doesn't fight Papyrus because she is afraid of what Sans will do to her if she hurts him

Undertale Shadows by LynxGriffin on DeviantArt

Undertale Shadows by LynxGriffin on DeviantArt notice: papyrus isn't included because he is too pure.

Board, Sign

I have never in my life hated a flower so much

I tried to play genocide route but I chickened out after like one minute it's just too sad and depressing