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This image is a collection of hands with various gestures during a Figure Drawing session. It belongs to the artist "ElephantWendigo" on Deviantart. This image motivates me to become better at my craft of realistic drawing and making a convincing piece of art. The ability to Master this trait is to be proficient - if not the best - at this approach to art. I am motivated to become a better artist by a vast majority of inspiration found on both this site and through my colleagues.

'Life Drawing by :devalgaegoblin: Do you know how to sketch human figures but do you want to refine your anatomy skills? Or do you not know anatomy a. Anatomy Lessons: How to improve faster in 6 steps!

Hände zeichnen und malen (Hands Study by ~shemit on deviantART) I rather like how the bones and skin were drawn together in this.

Enjoy a collection of references for Character Design: Arms Anatomy. The collection contains illustrations, sketches, model sheets and tutorials… This gall


Hand Study - how to draw the human hand, in varying positions. I think that this reference is best for when drawing male hands, judging by the sketches.