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nuncalosabre. The Dream Collector - ©Arthur Tress

Arthur Tress, Boy in Mickey Mouse Hat, Coney Island, 1968 ____ See more on iheartmyart

Arthur Tress Singing Chair, New York, 1977

Rare photography, Black and white photography, Noir photo, Music photo

The Amazing Arthur Tress Shares His Dark, Surreal Photographs From The 1970s: Gothamist

Two Boys and Dog, Coney Island(Photo by Arthur Tress) The Amazing Arthur Tress Shares His Dark, Surreal Photographs From The Gothamist


Photographer Recreates Children’s Nightmares From The 60s In Dark And Twisted Images

American photographer Arthur Tress recreates Children’s Nightmares From The In Dark And Twisted Images


California Dreaming In 1964: Arthur Tress' San Francisco

Photographer Arthur Tress immortalizes children's nightmares in staged photographs.

These Vintage Photos Of Children's Nightmares Will Haunt Your Dreams

Arthur Tress asked children to describe their nightmares. He then immortalized them into photographs. "Daymares is a series of photographs that attempts to

© Arthur Tress

Arthur Tress : Musée de la photographie de ThessaloniqueArthur Tress: Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki - The Eye of Photography

Omayra Sanchez. Frank Fournier photographs 13-year-old Sanchez, victim of a volcanic eruption in Armero, Colombia. 1985.

Omayra Sánchez was a victim of the 1985 eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, which erupted on November in Armero, Colombia causing massive lahars which killed nearly Photo taken by Frank Fournier.