This is really cute - in a weird nerdy sorta way ;) (dobby, harry potter, humor)

The 30 Best Baby Halloween Costumes Ever

Baby Dobby has no master! Baby Dobby is a free elf! Baby Dobby came to save his friend, Harry Potter. you better dress your kid up like this!

Harry Potter Mandrake cool

Bake Mandrake Cakes by baking chocolate cupcakes and placing them in mini pots. Glue plastic grass to little plastic babies and insert them into the cupcake. Finish them off by adding chocolate crumbles around the babies to look like they are buried.

Parenting: You’re doing it very right

These are some bad ass costumes for kids. LOVE the joker. I think that kid is in character. I'm pretty sure I'll have kids mostly just to dress them up for Halloween.

quidditch pong!!!!!

Funny pictures about Beer pong for awesome people. Oh, and cool pics about Beer pong for awesome people. Also, Beer pong for awesome people.

Dobby agora é um elfo livre...

In the pictures are myself as Harry Potter and my 13 month old daughter Lily. My Harry Potter costume is a mix of consignment clothing, my college graduation gown, a couple store bought props and a wig. All you need to create Harry Potter is. Photo 4 of

Hedwig, Harry Potters Snowy Owl - Costume |BHB Kidstyle

Hedwig - Harry Potter's Snowy Owl

Professor Sprout and baby Mandrake. Harry Potter inspired Halloween costume. Because home made DIY is better than the crappy store costumes.

Professor Sprout and baby Mandrake. Because home made DIY is better than the crappy store costumes. Me & new baby

Where the Wild Things are

10 Creations Inspired by "Where the Wild Things Are"

Wild Things on their way to the wild rumpus. *Previously: Where the Wild Things Are paper toy .


This Halloween tries some new costumes ideas for your Kids. Here are top 15 Halloween costumes for kids in Check out.


Estos son los 12 mejores disfraces de Disney encontrados en Pinterest

Cutest Wayne & Garth. If I had twin boys, they would SO be this next year!

Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

Wayne’s World, Party Time, Excellent! I love wayne's world, and have a blond and brunett child! Why didn't I think of this! NEXT HALLOWEEN!

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Lots of inspiration, diy & makeup tutorials and all accessories you need to create your own DIY Ratatouille Costume for Halloween.

kawai sugiii~ >__

Totoro Baby Costume by youandmie OH MY LORD. Baby girl is going to be Totoro next Halloween.