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Rally Fighter

Video: "The List" Builds an Local Motors Rally Fighter - LSX Magazine

Rally Fighter by Local Motors  Never seen this before, don't know if it's any good--but now I want one!

The first crowd-sourced car company. Kinda looks like the batmobile.

Dream build

Dune buggy with a fighter plane inspired sports coupe body, running a BMW diesel lump.

Rally Fighter in Dubai - I want it! Satin black with aeronautic style striping... *homer drool*

We drive a mental street-legal dune-basher/jumper that’s proves that crowdsourcing works for car design

Local Motors Rally Fighter (2007)

New battle rally style. The Rally Fighter by Local Motors

Rally Fighter® by Local Motors.    http://localmotors.com/rallyfighter/

The Corvette-Powered Rally Fighter Is Pure Off-Road Awesomeness. This crazy custom ride is perfect for the streets or the dirt.

Local Motors Rally Fighter

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View the Local Motors Rally Fighter photo gallery on Yahoo Autos.

Local Motors Rally Fighter

Today I'm going to write about Local Motors Rally Fighter. Local Motors is not big company like Ford or Toyota. This Rally Fighter' body loo.

Damn! I'm doin this to my Challenger!

I'm doin this to my Challenger! Would probably make a good zombie apocalypse car!