Prada, Spring 2008.

Fairy floral shoe, Prada, Spring 2008 -- is that a creation or what!

Shoes: Prada Spring 2012 - they have rockets, flames, wings - hot hot hot!

Posh Rocket-Packed Pumps - The Spring 2012 Footwear is Fierce and Futuristic


Prada - Floral-embellished Rubber Slides - Black - IT

Apparently I like Prada. Just some great shoes!

which came first the Prada chicken mary jane or the Marc Jacobs LV's entire collection. Prada's, she influences every major designer.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Siskin Ankle Strap Pumps

I need the shoes and the clutch. Oh and a few hundred bucks to buy them :) Shoes: Jimmy Choo Siskin Ankle Strap Pumps Clutch: LOVE IT

M O D E L U N A: Gucci Fall 2013

fall fashion Gucci, fall 2013 Shirt Trends for Summer 2013 Former Victoria’s Secret model once again explained recently in an intervie.

Sol en Escorpio(Empowerment) alineado con Neptuno en Piscis? Buy great shoes!     Diego Dolcini

Amazing shoes by Fendi! The tee-strap is understated so it brings more attention to the deckled heel.

von Ursula Mascar

von Ursula Mascar

Emerald green Casadei 2013

DELORTAEAGENCY these emerald green CASADEI 2013...