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Different types of houses… except Matt Smith isn't so much a Ravenclaw as a Hufflepuff

Different types of houses…

Supernatural + Doctor Who + Sherlock + Harry Potter? River needs her own house, she is all of these and more.

Harry potter and downtown Abbey

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Make sense why he could take over Sam, OH WAIT

Sassy Nick is almost as great as Sassy Luci and Sassy Cassy

Arthur J. Elsley  "I wish, my brothers and sisters, that during this year, you can live closer to Christ than ever. Depend when we think it is very little in Christ and in ourselves, in our little problems and the little doubts and fears that the surround. Begin from today and may God help you. never let a single day pass without a visit to the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross of Calvary. "* Spurgeon

Altered Art: Woman and TARDIS in garden by -- Dinah could TOTALLY do this! i have a huge painting that I inherited that is a gaggy french garden landscape thing, but with a tardis in it, I'd hang it!----> i wish i had a painting like this:(

I quite like this, but I defy you to tell me in what way Rory Williams-Pond, Rory the Roman, Roranicus Pondicus, the boy who waited, the man who punched Hitler and put him in a cupboard, is a Hufflepuff and not a Gryffindor!

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Characters from Merlin, Doctor Who, and Sherlock sorted into Hogwarts houses ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.i miss Merlin & Sherlock & I'm ready for the next season of Doctor Who to hurry up & get here!

I Thought It Was Going To Be Somewhere Else

I Thought It Was Going To Be Somewhere Else

Funny pictures about Sam's hand print. Oh, and cool pics about Sam's hand print. Also, Sam's hand print.


Brunettes and Blondes< do ten and rose count? <<< Helena and Sarah <<<<< Carlos and Cecil <<Thor and Loki <<< Percy and Annabeth<<<YES. Percy and Annabeth! She was blonde in the book and I think Tumnus was brunette.

"Superwhovengerlocklin - The Long Expected Party" (by blackbirdrose on DeviantArt)

Superwholockinger - The Long Expected Party by *blackbirdrose on deviantART - This is AMAZING!

Someone please share this awesomeness with me!

Did no one notice he's cosplaying crazyCas? He'd win by talking about honeybees and then try to boop the weeping angels nose. This is the best crossover ever.

Me with my books. You DO NOT touch my shelf even if you're William Sherlock Scott freaking Holmes.

Superwholock :D This is how the Christmas episode is going to happen, Dean is going to kill the doctor and then he's going to regenerate and send dean to hell.