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Bf-109 Mistel. http://passion-aviation.tumblr.com/post/106516465475/hanspanzer-bf-109-mistel

Mistel bombers were a planned design to guide a large bomber filled with explosives using a parasite fighter attached atop.

World War II German Flight Diving

The "Teufelskette" or better known as the "Nowotny Schwarm" was the name of the most famous Luftwaffe team of the Eastern Front which included four pilots/friends, the famous Walter Nowotny and his.

Major Günther Lützow

Major Günther Lützow


Return to Etah - 21 x 36 inches Oil by Don Connolly. Seen over the Davis Strait on return to their base at Etah, Greenland, Loening amphibians are led by Richard Byrd. This 1925 flight was Byrd's first aerial venture into polar regions. 21 x 36 inches Oil