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lost in the wind

Dandelions stand for survival, they illustrate the journey of letting the past go and starting something new. I REALLY want the dandelion on my shoulder blade and have the birds "fly" over my shoulder onto my collar bone!

Not sure what this says, but this is what I want for a tattoo (with my own words of course)

"Les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs" is a phrase from the French movie Amelie, and it translates to "Times are hard for dreamers." The dandelion would tie into the concept of wishing and dreaming.


add birds/music notes flying away from the tree as each family member passes *remembrance tattoo*:

I WANT either this quote or "Que sera, sera"!!! And I'm loving the dandelion trend.

When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother what shall I be, will I be pretty?, will I be rich?que sera sera. Whatever will be will be the futures not ours to see que Sera sera

how did the EXACT sketch of my tattoo that I have the (only) original copy for end up on Pinterest? trippy.

Dandelion Tattoo Images Pictures And Graphics Page LOVE this but IN WATERCOLOR! As a symbol the dandelion represents strong will and persistence. It is also thought to represent wishes coming true, cheerful love and general happiness.

greatest tattoo idea ever. along with it, put the quote "take these broken wings and learn to fly" im in love.

Set Free

Inkwear Feather Bird Tattoos Love Design Pixel, really love this! i want the feather by my ankle and have the birds fly to my foot.

"Every breath is a second chance" I feel like this tattoo has become way too cliche, but I love the quote

"Every Breath Is A Second Chance" Perfect tattoo, and I have tattoo fever!

Love this!  Source:  Photo:

Bird design w/ chosen verse. Psa "Our soul has escaped as a bird from the snare of the fowlers; [fn] The snare is broken, and we have escaped.


tattoo: Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see. Que sera sera, what will be will be.

*P i c k a d i l l & P i c k a d o l l*: Dandelion Tattoos

*P i c k a d i l l & P i c k a d o l l*: ***this is the picture*** Dandelion Tattoos