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Gotta love minions!

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Can I please have a minion! Particularly the Wolver-minion (he's the hybrid of 2 of my fav things- Minion + Wolverine)

Best Funny Minions Quotes and Jokes while your love for minions is undisputed, make sure you also know names of your favorite top minions characters …

Fake ,never

This was for a gift card I made. Minions are one of my most favorite characters of all time ! Done with Photoshop Minion 'Para tu.

Star Trek minions:)

star trek minions - Spock: It is illogical to find this so amusing. Kirk: Spock, it's a friggin' minion joke! Loosen up a little! Spock: Yes, Captain.


Which 'Minions' Minion Are You?


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