Pedro Delgado

Pedro Delgado

That's how you use a chimney stack! Tons more amazing content on

Check out some awesome street art in volume 30 of his regular digest of the best urban art, urban artists, free walls, graffiti art and more on Mr Pilgrim

Roa is one of the most prolific street artists today, oftentimes painting animals natural to a specific location/setting.

Roa in Gambia - The smooth and untainted surfaces of the Gambian walls must have been sensory paradise for Belgian graffiti artist Roa in Gambia this summer.

Une sélection des créations street art de l'artiste canadien iHeart, basé à Vancouver, qui s'amuse à mettre en scène nos addictions aux réseaux sociaux e

Street Art et Réseaux Sociaux – Les excellentes créations de iHeart

"Nobody Likes Me" by IHeart, Vancouver Why does social media define our worth? Who cares if a bunch of strangers like your post?

Trending Street Art on Pinterest (Part 1)

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Urban Culture :: Street Art (vi)

Urban Culture :: Street Art (vi)

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Escif - On-Off. Katowice, Poland  photo by Katowice Street Art Festival

Giant On/Off Switch Mural. Spanish street artist escif recently painted this giant on/off switch on the side of a building in Poland for the Katowice Street Art Festival.

Vienna (AT) - Siebensterngasse 'Le Penseur'

Collection of amazing street art, graffiti art & urban art on Mr Pilgrim online. See more including original street art for sale from UK artist.

Escif in Valencia

Mural Paintings by Escif

FCK - ADW, Kings of Concrete, by AVisualFeast art street art Graffiti Street art shark!