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Steven Universe Meets Avatar

Steven Universe Meets Avatar

Steven Universe Meets Avatar, and I'm pretty sure their Myers Briggs match up. I definitely know zuko and lapis are INFP and Steven and Aang are ENFP.

#wattpad #fanfic Segunda temporada de "Amor entre guerra" presente en mi lista de obras, esta historia relatara la vida de Steven y los bio-hibridos en Homeworld junto a sus compañeras, batallas tanto físicas como mentales se desataran, espero que estén listos para esto.

Amor Galactico - Steven Universe - Capitulo 3 - Nuevo hogar.

One happy dancing Peri! :D This dance goes perfectly with the song overtime by cash cash

I'm not here to talk - part 2 by Shadaty

i ship them hard tbh but Lars is such an ass and Sadie deserves so much better


I love this little story I wish it were real. poor pearl to love someone so much and not have it returned the same way.

The plot of every Lars and The Cool Kids episode

Legos are forever cool, but not the ones geared towards girls, normal Legos are for EVERYONE!

Aww... I love their redesigns. Also, when I saw Greg, I almost cried on the inside.

I'm in love with these older versions of Steven and Connie! And I need to stop pinning Steven Universe things.

Lars x Sadie:

LarsSadie - Mistletoe by Shadaty on DeviantArt, I don't ship it but that's fucking cute.