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Este mueble está tallado de tal forma que parece que es Glitch.

Good Vibrations by Ferruccio Laviani for Fratelli Boffi. 'Good Vibrations', a cabinet that's been intricately carved from oak to look like a distorted image. Created by Ferruccio Laviani.

Carved wardrobe that looks like a glitched digital image.

Good Vibrations cabinet by Feruccio Laviani 2013 - a computer controlled robotic router-carved wooden cabinet that looks like a warped VHS video.

Recycled horse art vs Marvel & DC superheroes, Yoda, Hulk, Aliens, Predators and Hulk - Facebook image of the week | Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Sayaka Kajita Ganz is an artist that creates amazing unique sculptures made from a different plastic pieces like spoons, forks, toys and similar. She creates sculptures of different animals from a thousands of plastic pieces.

A Monochromatic Farewell to a Condemned House in Germany street art installation Germany

All black house in Germany. “Haus in Schwarz (House in Black) was a 2008 public art piece by artists Erik Sturm und Simon Jung (previously) in the city center of Möhringen, Germany. The piece was.

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Stunning Buffets and Cabinets for 2018

Phoenix Cabinet Polished bronze is framing several sections of charred wood. The handles are in silicified wood. Base in bronze.

Funny pictures about Gigantic Ship Made Out Of Matches. Oh, and cool pics about Gigantic Ship Made Out Of Matches. Also, Gigantic Ship Made Out Of Matches photos.

Even Robots Get the Blues, found object metal art junk sculpture by ultrajunk, via Flickr

“even robot’s get the blues” found object metal art junk sculpture by ultrajunk. Love the Mustang 289 tag!

Built and designed by Numen/For Use, N-Light Membrane is a giant cube with three out of the six surfaces made of flexible membrane (foil mirror) with an air tank and a compressor connected to it. The other three mirrors are semi transparent spy-glass. By inflating or deflating the air tank, the membrane turns convex or concave, deforming the reflections within.

Mind-Bending Infinity Cube is Made from One Way Mirrors, Plays Tricks with Your Eyes

Marble Sculptures by Matthew Simmonds...Ancient Greece, Alexander

RL British artist Matthew Simmonds carves detailed and solitary architectural interiors into a corner or side of a piece of marble leaving the natural edges of the rocks juxtaposed with his small, finished spaces.

Abstract Appropriation   Nicholas Ballesteros inspiration

Abstract Appropriation - Nicholas Ballesteros


Sculptures of Korean artist Lee Jae-Hyo (Jaehyo Lee 1965 -). Timber production, both natural feeling, at the same time strengthen the simple geometric beauty