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The Armies of Crecy and Poitiers, some of the notable participants. I've always liked Hugh Lord Bassett's helm, but I believe the real nasal would be much more narrow. This is based on his Garter stall plate, where the nasal is prominent.

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Notice the cloaks and armor on figure A. His would be ceremonial armor that would be worn by members of the Imperial Guard--it is inspired from antiquity.

Mamluk ‘Askari 1250–1517 Warrior 173 Author David Nicolle – 43 photos

Middle ranking Mamluk amir - Arms and Armour of the XV and early XVI centuries

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Motor Sport Art by Michael Turner and Graham Turner, Aviation Art by Michael Turner, Medieval and Historic Art by Graham Turner

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Landsknecht’s arms and armour, from the book “Landsknecht soldier plate by G.

English civil war cavalry

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