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'Red Riding Hood' by Blaž Porenta. Even though Little Red Riding Hood is quite a dark story, this image caught my attention right away. The painting technique is on point and the smudge-like effect adds a lot of atmosphere.

OMG! Is this zombie, hibrid or lycan?!

Image detail for -. Art: Photo Manipulation Artworks of the Human Eye

Chimera. Химера.

Chimera: in Greek mythology, the Chimera is a hybrid creature composed of the parts of several animals. The front of the creature is a lion, the back a snake and the middle is a goat.


Funny pictures about This is how depression feels like. Oh, and cool pics about This is how depression feels like. Also, This is how depression feels like.

Luis Melo (LuisMelon on deviantART) : « This is a really early concept for the game Akaneiro, made when I was still working at Spicy Horse, in Shanghai.”-

Illustration art painting digital art little red riding hood Luis Melo

Debe haber algo extrañamente sagrado en la sal: está en nuestras lágrimas y en el mar.

reflection in an eye, with tear, sad, leaving, saying goodbye someone is walking away forever .

fantasy-art-engine: “Odin’s Horse Sleipner ” This appears to an image from a Legend of the Cryptids card

Artist: Unknown - Title: Unknown - Card: Skydreaming Fleet Horse (Sorcery) ♥ I rarely succeed in finding an artist for cards. Shame really, I'd love for them to get as much credit as any other fantasy artist.


This is a great image for a story. It involves a young native girl and a giant black wolf.

The questions are endless; and the nights are so long, why do you force me to sing your sad song?  I’m not a puppet to dance on a string, don’t make me forget you and the joy you did bring.  Did you care that you hurt me; do you regret your cruel words?  I wish it was something that I’d never heard. Some feelings have ended; now gone with a sigh. I still say I love you, when I tell you goodbye. Life is too precious, to waste in regret. I wish I could say we should never have met.   (csw)

Album cover illustration for L’Arc-en-Ciel – Chase. Illustration by Ryohei Hase

Cappuccetto rosso

I have this idea for a costume this year, i want to do a twist on the little red ridding hood. but, I want to make a Masquerade Wolf mask to go wi