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I'd rather have the song of storms though

I might go total nerd and get this eventually. Zelda ocarina song nice shoulder tattoo I used to play Zelda with my dad that would be a great memory tattoo

And one for my geekyness. I love everything Zelda, and it makes me so happy when people get cool Zelda tattoos. This one is awesome and anyone who remembers the hard bosses in the game can relate to this tattoo.

harrypotter/zelda tattoo  This is basically my life. I draw this on my wrist ALL THE TIME. I don't know why... But I love it.

harrypotter/zelda tattoo Oh my glob.

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zelda-tattoos Legend of Zelda breath of the wild tattoo link funny princess

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so epic! i love how one triangle is shaded in for the part of the triforce she embodies

Tis my Legend of Zelda tattoo. I desire the triforce of power more than anything, therefore it is shaded in. I only designed it, I didn't ink it.