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Rachel de Joode

I explore things; contemporary artifacts, information flows, human nature, art or myself.', 'What is a scrollbar?

Jodie Carey | Jodie Carey

Jodie Carey | Jodie Carey

Roberto Burle Marx--I guess sometimes you get lucky and find something larger than a fig leaf  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roberto Burle Marx (August São Paulo – June Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian landscape architect (as well as a painter, print maker, ecologist, naturalist, artist and musician) whose.

DONNA HUANCA HYBRID MOMENTS, 2014  Latex, pleather, velvet, silk, paint, metal, wood 105 × 18 × 14 in 266.7 × 45.7 × 35.6 cm

DONNA HUANCA HYBRID MOMENTS, 2014 Latex, pleather, velvet, silk, paint, metal, wood 105 × 18 × 14 in 266.7 × 45.7 × 35.6 cm

Compressione By César Baldaccini

Artworks of César Baldaccini (French, 1921 -

I really like this guy, Anselm Kiefer's work, as do many others because he is super famous. I'm not sure about the bit with the stacked concrete cubes though. Humm... again, what is art?

Anselm Kiefer / Buch (The Secret Life of Plants), 2002 / Mixed media on lead / Page Dimensions: 77 x 57 x Diameter of open book:



Jedediah Caesar

Jedediah Caesar

Frances Lambe

Frances Lambe The work springs from visual research into disparate areas of interest including geography, biology, botany and astronomy. She is fascinated by the visual ‘inter-relatedness’ of life on.

Martin O'malley, Exhibitions, Frame

Ana Mendieta, Documentation of earth/body work with cloth and paint, 1976

Ana Mendieta, Black Ixchell, Iowa, 1976 Born in Havana to a family prominent in Cuban politics during the Castro regime, Ana Mendieta was displaced from the country in together with her.

Emptied Gestures par Heather Hansen, amricaine Cette passionnée de danse, se munie de fusains dans chaque main, s’installe sur une grande toile de papier géante posée au sol et entame une chorégraphie. Son corps se crispe en gestes chorégraphiés, les longues trainées résultent d’un enregistrement permanent sur le papier de ses mouvements physiques comme un dessin cinétique. Entre performance, danse et arts visuels, elle signe des créations aux motifs géométriques et symétriques.

Emptied Gestures par Heather Hansen

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‘For if photography liberates the mass from its sculptural function, frees it from the heaviness of three-dimensional volume, it does not as a result liberate it from gravity.