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studiouhs: School update: Our semester 1 final marks came today and my average was a Making sure I do just as well in semester 2 by studying for an intro to anthro quiz tomorrow.

tanya's studyblr — survivemedschool:   When you spend half the night...

survivemedschool: “ When you spend half the night studying biochemistry and they tell you to come take the test next week, the only thing left to do is drink coffee and eat donuts :/ ”

Studying For Our Dreams

My Macbook Pro finally came yesterday; It was too beautiful to not study Martin Luther and The Religious Wars outside!

Céline's Study Blog

Haze effect essay structure Causes and Effects of Haze Essay. Causes and Effects of Haze. Haze consists of tiny elements which occurs naturally or is a result of daily human.

Study time

AM // 4 days left until my written biochemistry final. Ready for a productive day. Waiting for my coffee to brew.