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We meet Agent Shiro Bubbles in the Voltron Lilo and Stitch AU~

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Page 3 Read Space dad =Space dead from the story KLANCE PICTURES by gayshipsruinemylife with reads.

I loved that scene lmao

I loved season 3 but it was light on one-to-one moments which was a shame. Hopefully season 4 will have more scenes like Lance and Allura in Blue's hangar, or Keith and "Shiro" post-"rescue"

Shiro aint fooling anybody

How Do Women Attract Men

i honestly dont like shallura but this is cute so bleh

This is long and drawn out, but has a few good points

At first I was like:"another crazy theory" but I read through and my mind just got blown away because some of this stuff is so legit!

Keith XD - I rewatched this episode and almost died during this scene!

The whole shower scene is A) absolutely freaking hilarious and B) actually really indicative of their characters and whatnot. Also I love how the others are either dorking about or moody (Keith) but Shiro just looks flawless

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He upgraded from sword to chainsaw! Last scene for Lansh and Keef!Voltron Lilo and Stitch AU ~I want to Thank everyone who made this AU sooooo much fun to make over the past year : /

Okay but this is so true. Keith and Lance would be at each other with pillows and pidge would just join them and hunk would hide and shiro would just stand around and supervise

Shiro had definitely blocked one with his arm. Without looking, without flinching. And just silently sips his tea and nudges them back into the battle