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This is SO TRUE! Everyone has a specific person they are thinking of when they read "your"

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I'm on a sea food diet. whenever I see food, I eat it. <<< lol credit to the owner!

And what I have to face tomorrow... Me right now

Teenager Post Do you every think about what you have to do tomorrow and then you kinda just want to fall off the earth.

Basically the whole "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" album by MCR.

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Song lyrics are appropriate for every situation. You just have to remember the song and the lyrics.

This Is true...I have super thick hair and it takes forever to dry and either straighten/Curl it. Also, I hate it when it gets knots in it. Just, UGHHHH

I don't know, it says "teenage" post this is a "universal girl" post.