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And u think u sound like it but then u hear ur voice recorded and ur like "no that's not right"

deeeeeep thinking

Except that the distance wouldn't change, so we would absolutely notice and probably die BC the sun would destroy us. Everything gets bigger, including distance

"No, but I'm a brony so I am as close as I can get"

Or gay actors/actresses playing straight characters *cough cough* Troye Sivan *cough cough*

I continue to play tag to this day with my entire class so we can prevent that

I just realized that and tagged my brother and he was like what and I said REMEMBER WHEN I WAS 5 (he was 7 and pushed me down the slide and I was it) (it was 9 years ago)

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True, but some women have children older, and others, particularly in cultures from 1000+ years ago, have them much earlier, so it's not a perfect system. Close to correct, though.

Time passed explained by an alternate time unit --- this is really weird I can't really get my head round this