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No, Steven. ;n; My poor baby child <3 Someone needs to give him some nice, warm hugs and cookie  cats, quickly!

This is why I really love the episode "Joy Ride". The Cool Kids listen to Steven's problems and they take him out for some fun. It was really nice to see because he's so young and they just care about him so much and they protect him and it's so cute.

If you don't like someone and you try to get revenge, you are obsessing over them, they are not worth your time.

The fact that the father supports those two as one being is so important and as a person dealing with harassment

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lol the person I got this post from didn't realise that the diamond call thing was coloured blue, white, yellow and pink XDDD

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Get your meme on!

They are really uncomfortable whenever he mentions his mom…are they hiding somethin from him?

We don't even need the screen caps to prove that

I guess you could say he's a *clears throat* Precious Gem XD That was probably the best pun i've ever made.<<That was a good pun. I normally hate puns but that one.

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"Why did the chicken cross the road? The chicken wanted To get to the other side of the road!what's a chicken"

Oh no, they are dead.

Oh no, they are dead.