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20151012 // Since NU'EST debuted, I've been their fan up til now though. Love them.

Nu'Est ^_^ Sigh, Ren the most pretty boy to have existed.


"The world is full of beautiful things.Just like you" _Nu'est_Jr Ren

ok so i'm really diggin JR's new blonde hair guys ~ #nuest

Best Hairstyle For Me Upload Photo

JR NU'EST Your going to be the death of me if you keep this up JR

Jr looks especially delicious in "Face" but otherwise adorable

Boy group NU’EST is making their long-awaited comeback soon. Today August 24, NU’EST finished releasing Art Film teasers for all five members, following the image teasers, as the group’s comeback with their fifth EP “Canvas” looms closer. The mini album and its music video will be released next week on August 29. NU’ESTMore

JR - NU’EST Canvas teaser image << oh GOD he look good horizontal. I also like the colours and shadows and artistic blah blah.

NU'EST Ren, Baekho, JR, Minhyun

NU’EST’s Shooting Scene Photos for ‘A Song For You’ (Part - Baekho being hardcore.

너무나 감사합니다. 팬여러분들이 기뻐해주시는거같아서 행복해요!! 이번에도 잘부탁해요~

"The world is full of beautiful things.Just like you" _Nu'est_jr

Kim Jonghyun

the sun, the moon and the star

⚜ Highest rank on Short story ⚜ # Short Story # amreading # books # wattpad

JR (Junior Royal) 제이알 || Kim Jonghyun 김종현 || Nu'est || 1995 || 178cm || Leader || Main Rapper || Main Dancer

"The world is full of beautiful things.Just like you" _Nu'est_jr

Ren goes psycho on Beakho and someone ends up biting the dust - Ren-asourus Tex

Ren going psycho on Baekho and JR eating the floor as a result (NU'EST) I laughed when I found this hahaahaha :D

NU'EST my lil baby Ren too adorable.

NU'EST- Just recently started liking them with their song 'Action'

Ren, Minhyun, and JR - Ceci Magazine October Issue ‘13

Ren, Minhyun, & JR - Ceci Magazine October Issue Ren's hair is so perfect here