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21 Important Lessons Lumpy Space Princess Taught Us About Feminism

I wish she really would apologize to Finn already. They don't have to be together but I still think she overreacted in a rather cruel way. Think of all the patience Finn showed to her and her struggle to be good!

Flame princess doesn't need to apologize to Finn at all. i feel like he get what he deserved what he did was wrong but i do feel like we needed some sort of a reacton from flame princess when he lost his arm. for their past sake.

PG Demotivational Poster by ~blueracoon1 on Deviantart.    Let's face it. It's what we all thought when we first saw the episode.

I did when I saw this episode! Lol I was like shame shame prince bubba TO SHAME!

Who knew a dog (Jake) from a show ( Adventure Time) could be so wise

You gotta focus on what's real man. You're getting all hung up on imaginary problems. - Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

pricesa flama

Adventure Time: Finn and Flame Princess Still a better love story then Twilight, in a way. Twilight is still pretty rad. Emotionally beautiful love story with vampires Flame Princesses and Finn both have a spark too!