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Gusano | by Jesus Martinez,

Gusano | by Jesus Martinez,

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I like hair like features, how they really suggest and imply texture

Wildlife photos that blur the line between reality and fantasy

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photos of birds | ... bee-eater pictures: one of the best bird pictures in a new contest

Wild birds captured in amazing, award-winning photos.These seven little bee-eaters, indigenous to Sub-Saharan Africa, are a tight-knit group, prooving that birds of a feather stick together. ~by Kit Day/HBW/Rex

Reto 153 - Día 77 / ¿Ramita o gusanito? photography challenge

Día 77 / ¿Ramita o gusanito?

Reto 153 - Día 77 / ¿Ramita o gusanito? photography challenge

Misty Rainy Day

Dr. Seuss-Style Surreal Photography