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Proud Father : Red Foxes - (Vulpes vulpes) - Breckenridge, Colorado : Nate Zeman - Fine Art Nature Photography

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quella bestia a due gambe si ergeva in piedi davanti a me .

99 потрясающих портретов животных, лиса

Mystical - heaven-ly-mind: 'Contemplation' by Foto Foosa on.


Mothering A young wild fox cub is groomed by his older sister (from a previous litter) by Lawrie Brailey

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Sarah Furchner, an award-winning Wildlife and Nature Photographer from Northern Ontario, shares with us her unique perspective of Northeastern Ontario.

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Red fox watching as another red fox approaches ~ Colorado.

Red Fox by Nick von Ohlen pic.twitter.com/cHcUHhFi5Y

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Darn squirrel - red fox chasing a squirrel up tree by Nick von Ohlen

Jeune renard comme il est beau

socks (fox in)

Red Fox. Le Renard Roux ( Vulpes vulpes) a les sens à fleur de peau. Son ouïe fort développée lui permet de détecter les mouvements sous le sol ; et grâce à son odorat très aiguisé, il sait où creuser pour trouver sa proie.

El zorro común o zorro rojo (Vulpes vulpes) Con su sensible sentido del oído…

Porque me pertenece todo animal silvestre del bosque, las bestias sobre mil montañas. (Salmo 50:10)

Beautiful, inquisitive Red Foxes by Marilyn Burton.

There isn't much better than finding Fox Kits for me. I can watch the playful little foxes for hours, or until mama decides they need to go.

FOX © David Huerta #huerta

FOX © David Huerta #huerta

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red fox portrait ♥ those eyes

Gray fox is mainly distinguished from most other canids by its grizzled upper parts, strong neck and black-tipped tail, while the skull can be easily distinguished from all other North American canids by its widely separated temporal ridges that form a U-shape.

The subtly colored Gray Fox. These beautiful foxes are native to 12 countries ranging from southern Canada to Venezuela and Columbia. They can be found throughout the United States, except in the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains.

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Red Fox in Alaska& Arctic, Atigun pass, Brooks range

Apparently Elvis has been reincarnated as a fox.

Mafia fox -- "So, we're gonna put a hit on rabbit, see, and then mouse gets it next. You in bugsie?