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Trabalenguas en inglés

Trabalenguas en inglés

Should be intresting to write, I guess.

Should be intresting to write, I guess.

Prompt -- write about a unique relationship between an immortal and a time traveller

As your father lays dying, he tells you an enormous secret- your long dead mother was a serial baby snatcher, not only were your parents NOT your parents, you and your 7 other siblings are not related.

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Writing Prompt

"You fool, you tought you use the shadows to harm me?" she laught "The shadows betray you because the serve me," leaning close to look him right into his bloody red eye she whispered "I am the darkness, honey, and now you'll be one of my shadows" ~Mab~

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You volunteer to be the first human to test time travel, only going an hour forward in time. When you step out of the travel pod, all humans are gone. ~~~ A countdown to how all humans went extinct


The Good Days (2675 words

The gun was aimed at his head. She was counting down, giving him exactly 10 seconds to talk before he couldn't. <- I would do this with chapter numbers

But he didn't commit the crime, so he's hell bent on escaping this  place I imagine to be like Purgatory from Arrow. In his quest to escape, he becomes the monster that he swore he never was

You are sentenced to death. Upon entering the execution room, instead of being executed, you are given a new passport and identity. You are informed that the death sentence has been abolished and now exists as an empty threat to deter violent crime.

What if the story starts with this? No one was sorry to see him die, except me.

They've come to see him as an insufferable, arrogant braggart, but to me he was still the sweet boy I loved.

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"He told me that he killed monsters and I believed him. Little did I know that he was the monster and so was I.