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Ley del éxito. New coke - Fracaso en los 80s

Coca Cola introduced the "New Coke". There was such an outcry that the original formula returned just a few months later. The moral of the story, don't mess with what made you famous in the first place.

Lady Stetson Coty for women

Lady Stetson By Coty For Women. Cologne Spray Oz / 30 Ml. Lady Stetson Perfume Cologne Spray Oz / 30 Ml for Women by Coty.

school boxes--I loved getting my new one each year; one year, I actually had a real cigar box!

School Boxes - I had this same box, which was purchased at Senn's 5 10 in Miami, FL. 5 were the place to get your school supplies every year.

Dagboek met slotje

Diaries with locks! But even locks couldn't keep out a little sister! The truth comes out 40 yrs later!

1st grade

Big Chief Tablet - remember I had to copy the poem "Goldenrod" in a tablet just like this in elementary school.

Fond memories of the Diet Coke bottles with the sytrofoam lables that we always peeled off.

Diet Coke Foam Label NDNR Bottle, 16 oz, Nutra-Sweet

diet coke with the styrofoam label that you *always* peeled off. i have a glass bottle of mt. dew w/the styrofoam label still!

Had to have these for Halloween! Don't think I ever had the witch, though.

McDonald's Halloween Pails… I have all three and the grandkids love them, they hold all of the old Happy Meal Halloween toys!

Before Ziplock we used Baggies with a Twist Tie.....I still call the little bags baggies sometimes.

Before Ziploc we used Baggies with a Twist Tie. I still call them Baggies and I work for the company that makes Ziploc!

Caboodles- they still have these! I had one when I was growing up and I got Taylor one for Christmas :)

caboodle-wrapped up at Christmas I thought it was a tackle box lol

vintage ceramic ashtray - Google Search

vintage ceramic ashtray - This looks like Frankoma pottery like my mom had

David Hasselhoff, protagonista de 'El coche fantástico'

Knight Rider a show that targeted teenage boys with its cars and gadgets made a splash.

You probably decorated the envelope with Gelly Roll pens and regularly sent each other friendship bracelets.

53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

The excitement of coming home to a letter (or tons of letters) from a penpal is still, to this day, unmatched. You probably decorated the envelope with Gelly Roll pens and regularly sent each other friendship bracelets. Things Only Girls Can Understand)