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Calligraphy and dip pens, ink and other writing paraphernalia all fill me with delight. Paper, of a certain quality and beautiful notebooks, too, have the power to bring a secret joy. my stationery addiction will probably ruin me!

Creo que un trabajo ideal es el periodista. Se puede jugar con las palabras, viajar, y sea su propio jefe.

Writing - where have the fountain pens gone? I loved writing with real ink, liquid ink, watching it flow with each word.

7 ways to enhance your songwriting skills

7 ways to enhance your songwriting skills Use different meters Use different keys Write songs with a different starting pitch Use different modes Use different chords Use different chord progressions Use different styles of music

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Intricate sculptures by Sue Beatrice made from old watch parts. Many of the sculptures are contained within the confines of a pocket watch.

Melodia para a vida inteira...

Three Red Roses Photograph by Garry Gay - Three Red Roses Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

✶ Official Link for better resolution + all translations ( Chinese, Indonesian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese) + sources, etc : www.peppercarrot.com/en/articl… &#10...

✶ Official Link for better resolution + all translations ( Chinese…

Depressing Quotes 444 o : )

I believe that music is one of the most beautiful things. Everyone in my family plays an instrument or sings. Music is a very important thing to me because i grew up it and i also feel like it helps me connect with others.

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Sound - ♫♪ Music ♪♫ music note photography I love this! This is a great picture!