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Owls Eyes by by Gennady Dubin

Short-eared owls have a dark black spot around their eyes. They also have tiny ears sticking up between their eyes.

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short-eared owl (asio flammeus) by steven whitehead - Pixdaus

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Southern White-faced Owl...

Southern White-faced Owl with red eyes!

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Owl with a lot of pretty colors

Barred Owl

Barred Owl -- Barred Hoot Owl- Originally only seen in the east, in the century spread to the Pacific NW and southern California. These large stocky owls nest in tree cavities in large mature forests, often near water. Average life span in the wild yrs.

What a face, check out these eyes. Beautiful

Amazing owl face close-up. Her face is beautiful 😍😍😍

Pinturas de animais nas mãos, por Guido Daniele

Best Hand Painting Art Ever ~ Damn Cool Pictures


camouflaged owl / barred owl peek-a-boo / Fine Art America by Jennie Marie Schell

Saw Whet Owl by Earl Reinink, via Flickr

Saw Whet Owl. Looking at this, I think my favourite owl plushie growing up was one of these trying to pretend to be a great horned owl - it's got the same eyes.

Adorable Owl

Adorable Owl

Fuzzymoss, a shecat of oceanclan. Her mate was a passing rouge and because of that she WAS a medicine cat but is now a low ranking warrior

Gray cat with Golden Eyes ~ Animales que adoro by Lucia Valverde Martin

Such goofy dogs! Would love to be owned by one someday. Can we get one Desoto?

Beautiful miniature bull terrier—and so dignified.

I love owls,  beautiful isn't it..

It's not cute enough for Cute Animals, eyes aren't nebula-ey enough…

What a little doll. I wish i had this baby. And, those eyes! Those gorgeous eyes

What a little doll. I wish i had this baby. And, those eyes! Those gorgeous eyes