Canadian Timber Wolf

llbwwb: “ Canadian Timber Wolf - Montebello, Quebec, Canada (by Rudy in Ottawa) ”

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[Eurasian Wolf: " Yoo filthy lot of humans, soes fixed on murderin' animals. Yoo haz blood on yer hands and yer hearts be black.

they say teenagers are like packs of wolves

Showing aggression with crinkled nose, barred teeth, ears back, forhead flat, squinting eyes - wolf talk

1,269 Likes, 4 Comments - Wild Life (@wildlives) on Instagram: “Photo by @caipriestleyphotography  #wildlives”

1,269 Likes, 4 Comments - Wild Life (@wildlives) on Instagram: “Photo by @caipriestleyphotography #wildlives”

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No mate/pups. Works to get his food by team work with two other loners, Zeus and Kem then parts his ways with them.(closest picture of his design,drawing of the design coming soon)

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White wolf - The arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos), also called polar wolf or white wolf, is a subspecies of the gray wolf, a mammal of the family Canidae. Arctic wolves inhabit the Canadian Arctic, Alaska and the northern parts of Greenland.

Еще одно гордое создание

Arctic Wolf~ Greetings human : ) Welcome to the Arctic. WOW, Such Beauty HIM

wolf, wolf

This wolf is ready to play. A domesticated dog will pose the same stance as this wolf when wanting to play

Catching a scent...

Picture by Scott Moffatt Forlorn gray wolf in northern Ontario, Canada. This female, caught in a padded leg hold trap, is about to recieve a gps satellite radio collar. The individuals movements and predation events will be monitored as part of a.