DeviantArt: Eye of Escher By wolfepaw

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The golden spiral. Fibonacci's best sacred geometry!

Fibonacci Spiral - Great quilt pattern idea for science or math (or structure!) oriented loved one. Can't wait to whip (ha) this up.

Formas, fondos, figuras y cosas locas que me gustan solo a mi.

Dark Side of Typography

This is what a finished spiral looks like.

This activity can help students struggling with the Pythagorean Theorem grasp the concept while making this piece of art!

Scientific Illustration | themagiclantern: Jost Amman, Sechs Oktaeder,...

REFERENTES: Diseño Geométrico Jost Amman, Sechs Oktaeder, 1568 a cool reference for all those geometric tattoos I've seen recently

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DeviantArt:  Eye of Escher By wolfepaw

This is my first attempt at the latest tutorial going on in the Apophysis Tutorial Fun group on RedBubble [link] - Escher Stained Glass tutorial by [lin. Eye of Escher