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The Couple from the original Woodstock Album Cover, still together after 46 years!

THIS DAY IN ROCK HISTORY: January 7, 1970:  Max Yasgur is sued for $35,000 for damages to neighbors' fences.  He owns the farm where Woodstock was held.  During the festival when he heard some were selling water he put up a large sign by his barn for free water.  Mr Yasgur passed away in 1973.


Woodstock Music festival 1969 this is a real film about the people at Woodstock yes it is GROOVY :) This short footage is about the people at the Woodstock festival in 1969 original pictures.

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The Woodstock Festival was a three-day concert (which rolled into a fourth day) that involved lots of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll - plus a lot of mud. The Woodstock Music Festival of 1969 has become an icon of the hippie counterculture.

Hippies at Woodstock

Leslie Loaf by Elliott Landy, Woodstock Festival, August 1969 (via Old Pics Archive)

Woodstock through the eyes of the attendees (1969

Woodstock through the eyes of the attendees (1969

Dance, the best way to get endorphin levels peaking. Joan Bryant and Fantuzzi at Woodstock - 1969 Concetta

j Woodstock 1969 Arlo Guthrie - YouTube

j Woodstock 1969 Arlo Guthrie - YouTube