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Deadly and beautiful at the same time.

[Mount Ararat Eruption, Turkey] Mount Ararat is a snow-capped and dormant compound volcano in the eastern extremity of Turkey. It consists of two major volcanic cones: Greater Ararat, the highest peak in Turkey and the Armenian plateau


Alaska volcano observatory Credit: Cyrus Read, Alaska Volcano Observatory/U. Geological Survey The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO), celebrating its anniversary this month, monitors volcanic.

Mt. Ararat Erupting, Turkey

Mount Ararat Eruption ~ By Sako Tchilingirian. A volcano erupting sounds and could be so bad, but i can see its beauty here.

Chile erupción del volcán Calbuco

Breathtaking Photos Show Chile’s Calbuco Volcano Erupting For The First Time In 42 Years

Guanajuato, Mexico. Best Destination| Fun Trip| DIY Tutorial| Save Money on trips| Cheap Destination

Top 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations

Grutas de Tolantongo, Hidalgo, Mexico.

Mexico is a popular travel destination, especially for US tourists. Here is a list of the not so well known stunning places in Mexico. Guadalajara Grutas de Tolantongo natural hot springs in Hidalgo Playa del Carmen Saw the cliff

Cancun Underwater Museum in Mexico. Check out the worlds 10 most unusual museums…

The World's 10 Most Unusual Museums You Should Visit

Cancun Underwater Museum is a series of sculptures by Jason de Caires Taylor placed underwater off the coast of Isla de Mujeres and Cancun, Mexico.