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Batman CROCHET PATTERN / Batman amigurumi pattern / tutorial for Batman doll / amigurumi design for comic superhero / gift idea for boys tinyAlchemy USD October 16 2015 at

Batman CROCHET toy PATTERN / Batman amigurumi by tinyAlchemy

Crochet pattern for super realistic doll of Batman! This is almost a crochet action figure :D Completed Batman amigurumi will measure about 36 cm /

Green Lantern Amigurumi Crochet Plush Doll por 53Stitches en Etsy

This Wonder Woman amigurumi has luscious locks and removable boots! She stands approximately inches tall when finished.

Superhero Crochet Patterns by Mary Smith.

Free Superhero Crochet Patterns

Ravelry: Metal Buddy - Kid Hero pattern by Mary Smith, Marvel, DC and Disney patterns are free!

Juguete de Batman ganchillo patrón / patrón de por tinyAlchemy

AMIGURUMI PATTERN for Superman, Superman crochet pattern, Superman amigurumi pattern, Super man crochet doll tutorial, gift idea for boys

spider crochet patterns free | Arjeloops Spiderman Crochet Doll by Arjeloops on deviantART

I've made this guy about 3 times now, and they're all owned by adorable little kids! I'm so happy I can make and share these dolls with every.

Crochet Super Heroes - Pic Idea

Look who's joined Superman & Batman for the restock.Batgirl, old school Batman & Spider-Man! All of these (plus pears/apples/Uh-oh ice creams) will be available tomorrow (Thursday Nov over at the store ~link in bio~ at WA time

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Wynne the Bunny is a darling little amigurumi featuring custom Liberty designed clothing