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Long live the Wonderland!

Did this myself, three hours of work. Long live the Wonderland!

Lots of inspiration, diy & makeup tutorials and all accessories you need to create your own DIY Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Halloween Costume for Halloween.

Halloween horror face paint. Ouch! Artist and model Olga Meleca.

35 Disgusting and Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas on Pinterest That Will Give You Nightmare

Wicked wicked wicked

scary doll makeup - Halloween Costumes 2013 Crit- Seams arn't awful, but they're very noticeable. Open wound makes no sense. Doused in fake blood to cover up a bad sculpt? I don't understand whats up with the white eye make up.

SFX Makeup Artist Recreates Movies/TV Shows' Wounds and Other Injuries | moviepilot.com

SFX Makeup Artist Recreates Movies/TV Shows' Wounds and Other Injuries

Demonized - super creepy!

tion about Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas can just read this full article we had created for you. So checkout Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas For You To Try"

Love the attention to detail on this Demonic makeup effect.  And looks great with full-eye black sclera contacts ~ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/350717889705942401/

I like this demon makeup, but I feel the detailing would take forever. Also: white and black makes me think 'scary panda'.

☠ ℋalloween • How to make witch shoes from old worn out heels

Glittered Witch Shoe Candy Dishes

DIY Witchy shoes… these are amazing. @ decorating-by-day I don't think I would use this as a candy dish but pretty cool.