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Estoy de acuerdo en que, si bien tu vestido es realmente encantador, sería mucho más placentero una vez que sea halado a tu cintura mientras te tomo, como el rey que sabes que soy.

Loki's Dirty Whispers - Submission: “Yes, kneel before me and take my shaft, show your king how much you adore him, as he much adores his Queen.

Don't say that about yourself, my love. You're no monster.

Submission: “You are worth every word of love. Worth every good deed, worth every smile, every tear of joy. You are worth the suns rays and the warm air, you are worth the happiness and the laughter.

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More than ever...

LokisDirtyWhispers Submission: “Would you have me even now, stripped of my rank and left to toil in a cell? Am I still that princely to you?

Submission: “You think that your disobedience and insulting remarks anger me; but in truth they spur me on.”

Submission: “You think that your disobedience and insulting remarks anger me; but in truth they spur me on.

*sigh* I wish. ♥ Loki's Dirty Whispers

Submission: "You have spent your life hating yourself: your face, your hair, your body, even your own mind. Truthfully, you are the most beautiful thing I have laid my eyes on.

Submission: "You want to know what Ill do once you loosen these chains? First, Ill twist my hands in that long, silky hair, pu.


Loki's Dirty Whispers - Submission: ”In hindsight, I wouldn’t have pinned.

Submission: “You're always such a good girl, so eager to please your king. Take me in further, arch your back, and scream in the pleasure which only I can bring you.”

Submission: "There's something about that shyness of yours. Every time your eyes start avoiding mine, every time you turn your face away I lose control of myself; I have to push you against the wall and kiss that embarrassed, flushed face of yours.

I hope we never hear Loki say that he deserved all the abuse done to him although, he did deserve consequences for murdering folks as anyone would even though he was under Thanos’ influence. Loki does NOT deserve abuse. It would be like an abused woman who gets battered by her abusive husband that confesses, "It's my fault..I MADE him beat me..I deserved it!" It's always the furthest from the truth, but here's the comes from a place of trauma and self-hate. Loki’s there.

Loki - God of mischief and fabulous hair<<<<<<and just plain beauty

Loki's Dirty Whispers - Submission: “Don’t listen to their heartless words... You are more then what they treat you as."

Lokis Dirty Whispers - Submission: Do you not realize that everything I have done was for you? All I desire in this world is to have you beside me.


Loki's Dirty Whispers - Submission: “I’m going to touch you, taste you,.

Submission: "Come here. Do not hide in the shadows. You dislike your body? I disagree. And you will lie here before me while I make love to every curve of your majestic figure. Perhaps you will better understand your beauty once a god has worshiped it."

Submission: “Even the slightest touch of my hand on your own is enough to send your heart racing, and make your cheeks flush with heat? Imagine what having my lips on your skin will do to you. You will not regret saving yourself for me.